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Drive Revenue With Customer Experience

A laser focus on customer experience (CX) is the best path to business success. It requires adapting to a customer-led market and creating an engine to sense and respond to the nonstop changes in customer sensibilities, behaviors, and expectations. This is not altruism but an economic engine of growth. Forrester has the most complete CX capability in the market to help you translate the CX discipline into business results.

customer experience

CX Management

Customer experience management is not easy — building the program, acquiring and honing talent, establishing a credible enterprise governance structure, and asserting financial expectations are piece parts of a complex structure that is often in place to change the very nature and performance of your company. Getting it wrong destroys trust and results — getting it right is fuel.

CX-Led Change

Customer experience is an internal disruptor, driving sometimes deep-rooted operational and organizational change to enable firms to compete on the basis of experience. The opposite is also true: If your CX team is unable to address internal silos that fracture journeys and frustrate customers, CX may fail in its basic role of creating differentiated experiences that serve as an engine of growth.

CX Measurement

Customer experience measurement is an operational game. It should be surgical, telling you exactly where and how to invest to create value for customers and grow revenue. Winning the game depends on translating measurement into precise action and persistent results.

CX Performance

Customer experience is charged with creating a clear link between the experiences customers enjoy and the growth your firm realizes. It has not yet met that potential. And it is no small task. CX teams need to anticipate customer behaviors and expectations, select those experiences that matter most to customers and growth, and design experiences that drive affinity in an unforgiving, sometimes volatile market.

Customer Experience Insights


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Light On The Horizon: The State Of Customer Experience Quality

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