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Insurance was the stable, steady industry. Not anymore. Whether growing claims cost due to global warming weather events, the early stages of ride sharing shifting to a bolder mobility market, or the first impact of insurtech, the insurance industry will change. Risk models and competitive assumptions are aging out. What will the insurance industry look like and act like, and what choices made in the near term decide insurers’ fate in the long term?

Insurance Solutions

Staying In Front Of Mobility In Insurance

The Sharing Economy is upon us. Moment-in-time travel is slowly but surely replacing ownership culture. Ridesharing has moved from a novel experience to a base expectation. This disruption was mostly contained to taxi services; the next wave will have a more far-reaching impact. Insurance as we know it is in full-on change mode: customer demand policies that better fit use; technologies like AI that open new opportunities; and an emerging insurtech market and looming commerce platform players are set to change the rules and expectations. We have yet to see the implications of self-driving cars and how to think about, assign, and manage risk in that environment.

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Transforming The Claims Journey

Claims is a profound proof point — will you really protect the customer financially in times of duress? It is the basic purpose of insurers, but the factors affecting the financials of risk and protection are getting harder. Mobility complicates what was a rather simple model; global warming is already attacking bottom-line performance and turning risk models into antiques. Something has to give — and it can’t be turning back on the purpose of protecting customers. There needs to be a rethink of insurance claims so that protecting the customer and delivering bottom-line performance is not an unsolvable equation.

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Insurance Insights


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Predictions 2020

Discover the dynamics that will define 2020 and beyond.

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